New Prescription Drug Hygiene
Book Released

Scsson Publishing has released a new book, “7 Prescription Drug Biohacks.” Written for prescription drug users, the book teaches how to practice effective prescription drug hygiene. The book’s author, NP Dr. Olivia Young, says she wrote the book because, “I’ve seen so many people suffer from prescription drug-related side effects, unnecessarily, because no one told them how to practice, effective prescription drug hygiene, I decided to write a book about it. That way it is self-care information that is more widely available to the public.”

Check out “7 Prescription Drug Biohacks” to learn 7 safe, easy, and low-cost prescription-drug hygiene practices that can improve your prescription drugs’ effectiveness while also improving the health of your entire body. 

You can get “7 Prescription Drug Biohacks” today at Amazon’s 7 Prescription Drug Biohacks page.  Try it, and start learning prescription drug hygiene techniques that can minimize or stop prescription drug-related side effects like decreased energy, decreased sexual health, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, as well as a host of other drug-related adverse events.

Don’t put it off.  Just go to Amazon’s 7 Prescription Drug Biohacks page, get your copy of the book, and start learning how to practice effective prescription drug hygiene today!