• We provide professional telehealth self care support services online. 
  • Our goal is to be the go-to place for professional self care support services on the internet and by phone.
  • Our sole focus is on optimizing health and wellness.

Scsson is a division of the private telehealth practice of NP Dr. Olivia Young, PhD, PMHNP-BC, MAT-C.  The official name of NP Dr. Young’s practice is Mind Body Works (www.mindbodyworks.us).

Mind Body Works offers a wide range of illness, addictions, and other health care treatment services. A division of MBW, Psych Med Refills Online,  (psychmedrefillsonline.com) offers urgent telehealth services for pain or psychiatric medication refills.

In keeping with its optimized health and wellness focus, Mind Body Works offers all services episodically, as requested, on a fee-for- service basis, or under Scsson’s Subscription Membership Plan Agreement.

The subscription agreement is between Scsson and the patient or the patient’s guardian. No third-party billing or payment methods are accepted but all major debit or credit cards can be used to pay for service fees.

The Scsson subscription membership plan (SSMP) offers five levels of self care support: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The SSMP’s structure offers increasing or graduated levels of self care support services.    Using any of the self care support service levels can help improve and maintain health.  But, feel free to sign up for the plan that provides the level of support you think will best suit your needs, goals, and current situation.